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The leak of the draft decision of the US Supreme Court, which cancels the right to abortion, is becoming a pressing problem of the Illinois gubernatorial race


CHICAGO (CBS)leaked draft solution The U.S. Supreme Court would overturn Rowe’s landmark ruling against Wade to abortion – a political issue – from boiling to boiling in the future Illinois gubernatorial race.

On Tuesday, CBS 2 political investigator Dana Kozlov examined the potential impact of the draft resolution on next month’s primaries and what the candidates say.

Democratic Party Governor J. B. Pritzker made a strong but not surprising declaration on Wednesday.

“No matter what horrific opinion the Supreme Court formally issued this summer against Rowe v. Wade, abortion is safe and legal in Illinois,” Pritzker said.

Pritzker, who is running for re-election, signed a law in 2019 that makes reproductive health, including abortion, a human right.

“As long as I’m governor of Illinois and as long as we have a legislature preparing for the election, abortions in that state will be legal,” Pritzker said.

This 2019 law improved the 2017 state law signed by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, who codified abortion as legal in Illinois.

Legislation in 2017 provided for state health insurance and Medicaid coverage for abortions, and removed a wording in Illinois law that expressed a desire to criminalize abortion if Rowe v. Wade is repealed. Democrats adopted the provision after then-President Donald Trump expressed his dislike of abortion.

Pritzker’s position is clear. But the words “legislature advocates choice” are key – a change of party power in Springfield could affect abortion laws in the future.

And with eight weeks to go before the gubernatorial primaries, abortion may now be a major issue for Republican candidates.

“We’ve gone too far in Illinois,” said Republican Gov. Gov. Rabin.

Rabin believes that abortion rights should be the theme of the campaign.

“I think you’ll learn that we have some people in our race – definitely one – who claim to stand up for life but have never acted that way,” Rabin said. “I think it’s good, you know. We’re going to find out who’s who, probably because the question will come up more often than before.”

The rabbi supports the ban on abortion, except when the mother’s life is in danger, as well as in the case of rape and incest.

Meanwhile, venture capitalist and Republican nominee Jesse Sullivan also made a statement in favor of the published draft opinion – what his campaign called “prayerful gratitude and unbridled optimism:”

His statement on Monday night said in part: “Although the decision is not official – and perhaps in a few months – I am very happy that there may be a change of generations in the soul of our country. Prayer works, and my prayer today – it is Our prayers, our perseverance and our patriotism that could save millions of lives for future generations.

Sullivan added in an interview with Zoom on Tuesday: “I would like to take part in the Republican primaries right now if people were clear about what they stand for.”

Sullivan said he would support an exemption from the abortion ban if the mother’s life is in danger.

The second Republican candidate for governor, Darren Bailey, also made a statement in response to the draft opinion:

“Cindy and I continue to pray for life and our nation. I proudly stand up for life and endorse all major pro-life groups in the state. From the beginning, I have stated that I will help and promote policies and groups that empower women with We live in a state where Democrats have an overwhelming majority in both houses, but our laws are too strict.As governor, I will focus on restoring parental notice, ending taxpayer-funded abortions, and setting priorities and priorities. options that save lives and support women and families before, during and after pregnancy ”.

The spokesman did not say whether Bailey supports any exceptions that allow for abortion.

Another Republican candidate, attorney Max Solomon, said he “welcomes the dismissal of Rowe v. Wade if that happens.”

The only major issue with Pritzker’s governor, Beverly Miles, tells CBS 2 that she believes Rowe v. Wade should remain intact.

Republican candidate Paul Schimpf has remained silent so far.

As for Republican candidate and Aurora Mayor Richard Irwin, his campaign will only say he will have a statement if the Supreme Court makes a final decision.

“I think Richard Irwin, like most issues, is hiding in this issue,” Sullivan said.

The only major issue with Pritzker’s governor, Beverly Miles, tells CBS 2 that she believes Rowe v. Wade should remain intact.

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