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The man filed a complaint after an ankle sprain in a pothole in the DMV parking lot


ELGIN, Illinois (CBS) – He went to the Illinois Secretary of State’s driver service center to get new numbers, and as a result got an ankle sprain, and he blames the state for his injury.

Matt Cobal said he doesn’t want money from the state, he just wants them to fix a lot of potholes in the parking lot where he was injured.

Kobal admits that it was not the most proud moment in his life.

“I am very embarrassed by what happened,” he said.

Last month, due to confusion in the Secretary of State’s office in Elgin, when workers were unable to help him get new plates, he had to go to another institution.

“I was disappointed and I left,” he said.

Returning to his car, looking at the paper in his hands, Kobal said he stepped into the pothole with his left foot.

Waving it off, he went to pick up his children, but later that night said he “could barely walk.”

“I couldn’t load my leg,” he said.

The doctor gave him boots from an ankle sprain, but Kobal made sure he returned to the service of the drivers, carefully inspecting the area. He counted more than a dozen potholes in a row.

“All different sizes and depths,” he said.

We counted 18 potholes in one aisle of parking spaces.

“It’s not what happened overnight,” Kobal said.

The embarrassment turned into a push for responsibility.

“In my opinion, they put other citizens and taxpayers at risk,” he said.

He filed online complaints with the Illinois Secretary of State and also addressed in person; not in order for the state to pay for medical expenses, but in order to repair the parking lot used by hundreds of drivers every day.

It turned out to be an even more uneven way to get someone to listen to him.

“I didn’t feel listened to. There was very little empathy,” he said.

The CBS 2 secretary of state’s office said it had received Kobal’s complaint – and regretted it had happened, adding that any questions about the site’s maintenance should go through the Illinois Department of Central Management.

“My biggest concern is that the people I spoke to gathered information and it didn’t get anywhere,” Kobal said.

CMS did not respond when the site was last repaired, only said it would contact the secretary of state’s office to eliminate the potholes.

Kobal said he just didn’t want what happened to him to happen to anyone else.

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