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The new law protects buyers of Elijah’s groceries by showing discounts Top stories


SPRINGFIELD, Illinois (WAND) – The law to let Illinois shoppers know when there are discounts in supermarkets is now the law.

Prior to the enactment of this law, there were no rules on how prices and discounts are reflected in clearance. Now supermarkets have to show the regular and selling price of goods as they increase so that customers can immediately find out if they are getting discounts.

“When shoppers come to the supermarket, they don’t always see on screen the price of selling the goods during the transaction,” said State Sen. Meg Lafran Capel (D-Shorewood), who advocated for the measure. “There should be no confusion if the computer system has given you a discount or one should hope that the discount will be withdrawn at the end.”

She went on to say that the measure helps protect buyers and their money. She noted that family food bills are rising as inflation spans the United States.

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