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The president honors the NCAA champion UConn men’s basketball team at the White House


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – President Joe Biden honored the 2023 NCAA men’s basketball tournament winners the UConn Huskies at the White House on Friday.

“This team is proof that you can’t quit UConn,” Biden said. “Just like you can’t quit smoking in America. None.”

UConn captured its fifth national title when it topped San Diego State 76-59 in April.

The president highlighted the Huskies’ ability to live up to expectations, noting that in less than 3% of the brackets, UConn took home the national championship trophy.

“You’re the fourth seed and you’ve won every game by double digits and your last win is your fifth national championship,” Biden said. “Congratulations, congratulations. Nothing like a comeback, man.’

This is the UConn men’s team’s fifth visit to the White House since 1999, and the Huskies have met four of the last five presidents.

“When I committed to UConn, I was definitely thinking about winning a national championship, but I wasn’t thinking about the other things that come along with that, like being apart of a day like this,” the guard said UConn and team captain Andre Jackson.

The players said they were honored to carry on the tradition.

“It was definitely surreal to be in the same room with the president and he was shaking my hand and talking to me,” Jackson said.

Although some of his players have already declared for the NBA draft, Huskies coach Dan Hurley is not ruling out a triumphant return to the White House next year.

“Back here in D.C., Hurley said, ‘We might have a pretty good chance, as good as a lot of the other top teams.’

The president also honored the 2023 women’s champion LSU Tigers in a separate ceremony.


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