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The SAFE-T Act is being considered by the Illinois Supreme Court on Tuesday


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The Illinois Supreme Court is considering a controversial part of the SAFE-T law on Tuesday.

Revoking cash bail is at the center of a case before the courts in Springfield. A Kankakee judge has ruled in favor of state attorneys who believe that getting rid of the cash bail system is unconstitutional.

The state’s highest court will now begin the process of deciding whether to overturn the entire law.

Governor J. B. Pritzker and the Attorney General urge the court to reject the constitutional theories of the prosecutors challenging the measure. They believe that eliminating cash bail will put dangerous criminals back on the streets.

Those opposed to the SAFE-T law are using a section of the Illinois state constitution that guarantees people can be released on sufficient bail.

The question is whether suretyship automatically means money.

The attorney general’s office says lawmakers have the power to reform pretrial procedures.

However, opposing state attorneys argue that voters should decide on any constitutional amendment.

Democrats have succeeded in changing parts of the law to appease the opposition, but the Supreme Court will begin hearing both arguments Tuesday morning.


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