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The “Second Arts Fair” returns to Fulton Market this weekend


CHICAGO (CBS) – Fair of other arts returns to the Fulton market.

The International Arts Fair will be presented at Revel from April 21 to 24 with exciting installations, performances, DJs and a bar.

Organizers showcase 110 independent artists who are not represented in the gallery. Some of the artists are local, including Britney Mara from Chicago. You can check Marie’s work on Instagram.

An artist from Los Angeles Anna Marie Tendler will also be presented at the fair for her photography, textiles, drawing, painting and interior design.

“You can really come and find something that will suit your taste,” said fair director Sophie Lucas. “We attract artists from all over the city to come and show, as well as international artists.”

Lucas said you can buy art directly from artists.

The New Futures exhibition features all local, novice artists. These artists are from Chicago and have different backgrounds, “usually underrepresented in the art world.”

Ticket prices range from $ 18 to $ 35 depending on general entry and personal viewing. You can buy tickets here.

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