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The ultimate guide to our favorite summer playground is Chicago Magazine


THere was something else that morning last summer when I was walking my puppy on a beach south of Warren Dunes State Park. The clear blue sky changed the color of sherbet beyond the dramatic sunset of last night, the scream from time to time interspersed with the sound of waves along Lake Michigan, and I kept my eyes on the search for beach glass, a real find in these parts. Above the water the Chicago skyline hovered low on the horizon – visible for 50 miles due to an optical trick caused by atmospheric refraction. It was another beautiful day in southwestern Michigan.

Chicagoans have long flocked to their second homes and apartment buildings, especially after the completion of Interstate 94 in the 1960s. But where once there were only the basics of Michigan – sweet wines, souvenir shops and gorgeous beaches – the great Chicago chefs have opened restaurants with a menu based on the rich seasonal products of the region. Spread cider houses, similar to Sonom, enjoy a climate with a lake effect that competes with the best regions of England for cider production. The influx of well-chosen fashion boutiques and good home stores, many of which are owned by immigrants from Windy City, is littered with a major problem. The new numbers also elevate the scene with wildly different options that weren’t here before – or indeed somewhere in the Midwest.

The pandemic’s demand for a place to rest closer to home has certainly played a role in the transformation of southwestern Michigan. You can get here with Loop in less than 90 minutes and feel far away.


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