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The winter storm has caused flight delays and cancellations from O’Hare, and vacation plans have been put on hold


CHICAGO – Some travelers were still trying to get to their destinations Saturday morning after thousands of flights across the country were canceled Friday.

In addition to flight problems, travelers at O’Hare International Airport had trouble getting to their gates because the airport’s train system was down, creating chaos for travelers.

The system shutdown left people queuing for shuttle buses to take them to terminals, parking lots and rental cars – with some waiting for up to two and a half hours.

Many travelers have already experienced flight cancellations or delays, with more than 584 flights canceled from O’Hare on Friday and nearly 9,000 flights delayed.

More than 300 flights have been canceled at Midway Airport.

Holiday travel inconveniences are just one part of a much bigger problem stemming from the winter storm and arctic air that continues to grip much of the country.

Across the US, nearly 6,000 flights were canceled and more than 11,000 were delayed, causing a ripple effect.

“My flight here is already an hour late and I have a tight layover in Frankfurt, only 3 hours or so, we’ll see,” said Pooja Chandani.

As of midnight Friday night, nearly 150 flights at O’Hare and 70 flights at the halfway point were canceled. More than 1,000 flights have already been canceled or delayed across the country, setting the stage for another day of travel woes. Many still hope to reach their destination before Christmas.


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