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This Tech Brand Will Offer the Biggest Discounts on Prime Day

Prime Day is approaching, and with it comes a flood of discounts and deals. While Amazon wants you to believe that every deal is worth your attention, the reality is that only a few are truly great. The overwhelming chaos can confuse even the most seasoned online shoppers, making it hard to know if you’re genuinely saving money. However, one category is sure to stand out on Prime Day: tech products made by Amazon itself, such as Fire tablets, Fire TV Cubes, and other Amazon-manufactured devices.

In typical tech sales, most retailers aim to sell you a variety of products, whether it’s an iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. Their goal is to capture as much of your spending as possible, which is why traditional shopping events like Black Friday feature deals across various brands and manufacturers. But Amazon operates differently.

Amazon: Both Store and Manufacturer

Amazon not only sells a wide range of products from various manufacturers but also produces its own tech. Looking for a new smart TV? Amazon has one. Need a streaming device? They have that too. For home security, Amazon offers Blink products. Many of these devices are powered by Alexa, so why not consider an Amazon smart speaker or screen? Amazon Basics also provides a plethora of accessories, from USB cables to batteries.

Given Amazon’s extensive product lineup, it makes sense for the company to push its own versions over those of competitors. Instead of a Roku, you might consider a Fire TV stick. Instead of a Nest Mini, perhaps an Echo Pop. Amazon even produces its own earbuds (Echo Buds).

The quality of Amazon’s products compared to the competition is debatable, so it’s important to do your research before buying any tech product, whether made by Amazon or not. However, during Prime Day, you’re likely to see Amazon alternatives prominently featured. It’s in Amazon’s best interest to offer significant deals on its own products.

Amazon’s Market Strategy

While Amazon benefits when you buy any product from its platform, it especially favors sales of its own devices. That’s why you’ll still find plenty of deals on non-Amazon devices during Prime Day, but Amazon products will be pushed the hardest and likely feature the biggest discounts and promotions.

Avoid Impulse Buying

Despite the attractive discounts and tempting bundles, don’t buy an Amazon device just because it seems like a great deal. If you’re genuinely in the market for a specific Amazon-made product and it goes on sale, that’s a smart purchase. However, if you were initially interested in a non-Amazon device but find the Amazon version significantly cheaper, it’s not always wise to chase the lower price over getting the product you truly want.

Take the time to research the differences between Amazon’s version and the competition. If you decide on an Amazon device, set alerts to be notified when the product hits your desired price. This strategy is good for any Prime Day deal (or any major purchase), but it’s especially crucial given how aggressively Amazon will promote its own products in July. Ultimately, aim to get the best deals on the right devices for you, whether they are made by Amazon or not.

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