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Torah Birch starred in “The Story of Gabi Petit” and starred as a director of life – term


EXCLUSIVES: Life expectancy gave the green light The story of Gabi Petit (working title) Amy-nominated film Torah Birch (The Walking Dead, an American beauty) joined the lead partner and director in her debut masterpiece. The film, which is part of Lifetime’s public initiative Stop Violence Against Women, is in connection with the approaching anniversary of the disappearance and murder of Gabi Petit this fall.

The story of Gabi Petit will explore the complex relationship between Gabi and her fiancé Brian Landry and what may have gone wrong during their trip to the country that led to Gabi’s tragic murder. Filming will take place in Utah this summer, and the premiere will take place later this year.

Birch will play Gabi’s mom, Nicole Schmidt.

Gabi Petit
The Moab Police Department through the AP

Gabi Petit’s disappearance caught America’s attention by starting a search for the 22-year-old travel blogger across the country after her parents announced her disappearance in September 2021 when she was unable to return home after her van ride with her fiancé Brian Landry. The incessant coverage of the news prompted amateur detectives to sort out Gabi’s posts on social media to find out what happened to her during her, which led to the final discovery of her body in Wyoming. As the anniversary of her tragic death approaches, the film brings to life Gabi and Brian’s love story, including warning signs that Gabi’s life is in danger, searching for her, eventually discovering her murder and ultimately, Brian’s suicide.

Lifetime will also create a new PSA to be debuted as part of the film’s rental, which will lead to important work by a coalition of network partners to provide resources for women. As a leader in telling women’s powerful stories and providing a platform to cover unheard voices, Lifetime is developing several films about violence against women that may not have received the same media attention as Gabi Petit. Among them are the stories of Carlesha Freeland-Geyser, Adriana Fields and Beatrice Weston, among others, each project is at different stages of development.

The story of Gabi Petit (weight) produced by Hybrid for life. Screenplay by Gregory Small and Richard Blaney (Missing Mom, Jody Arias: Dirty Little Secret) and will be directed by Birch. Birch joins the growing list of Lifetime directors who are starting work for the first time through their “Wide Focus” program.

The film marks the return of Birch to life by starring in films The Homeless at Harvard: The Story of Liz Murray in 2003, for which she received an Emmy Award nomination, and Pregnancy Pact in 2010.

Recently, Birch starred as Gamma in the 10th season of AMC The Walking Dead. Her most recent works in film include The last black man in San Francisco, over suspicion and Etruscan smile. She also starred in Lionsgate’s Public affairs and played software engineer Morgan in the first season of Carlton Cusa and Ryan Condal colony, among other loans. She is represented by Luber Rocklin and Buchwald.


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