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Two people shot themselves at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago mall in Roumont


ROSEMONT, Illinois (CBS) – Two people were shot and injured Friday night at the Fashion Outlets in Chicago in Rosmont.

Rosemont Public Safety reported that there were two confirmed victims of the shooting at the mall. The victims were taken to the district hospital in an uncertain condition.

Police called the shooting a single one and said there were no active shooters in the mall.

A search of the mall was conducted Friday night to make sure all rooms were clean. The arrow was not in place.

A witness, Stringer Harris, reported on Facebook Live that he was near the Prada store on the second level of the mall when he heard gunshots on the lower level.

A live video of Harris on Facebook showed officers armed with long guns walking down the ground floor of the mall. A siren or alarm sounded throughout the mall.

Police have set up a rally point for people who got lost at the Caddy Shack restaurant in 9000 West Balmoral Avenue. It is said that everyone who is looking for friends and family should meet there.

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