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Two years after recreational marijuana legalization, customers are happy, and Illinois is raking up tax revenue


CHICAGO (CBS) – For some, April 20 may be just another day, but for some it’s 4/20 – a tribute to marijuana.

As reported by 4/20 Lauren Victory of CBS 2, this year’s unofficial holiday may be celebrated more than ever – by taxpayers.

January 1, 2020, Mission Dispensary South Chicago was filled with lines that wrapped around the quarter. It was a new year and a new opportunity for people to legally buy marijuana without a prescription. One such person was Hannah Honor.

“I don’t have a medical record, but I have Crohn’s disease and other chronic pain, so I’m just using it to help cope with the pain,” said Gonar, who bought previous commercials and edible food at the clinic on Tuesday.

These days, Honor and other customers are quickly getting in and out of dispensaries – no longer waiting in long lines.

“One of the things that has happened to COVID is that we were able to make sure people could place orders online,” said Gabriel Mendoza, executive vice president of retail operations for missionary dispensaries.

Online orders are then paid at the store with a valid ID and cash.

Speaking of cash, Illinois has recorded more than $ 1 billion in sales of non-medical marijuana last year. That was for 30 million items sold, more than double the amount of marijuana sold in 2020.

Do people consume more or more?

“[We’re] seeing people coming that just new. 60 new people go through the dispensary every day, “Mendoza said. He tells us that the Mission Dispensaries system tracks the number of new customers.

These new users may be attracted to new foods such as targeted experience drops or tonic water with cannabis or other popular foods such as chewing gum. But CBS 2 data, reviewed across the state, shows that the good old flower reigns supreme – something Illinois does for recreational purposes.

For example, buying the same strain for $ 60 brings in $ 1.35 in tax if you buy it for medical purposes, but you pay almost $ 16 in tax for “adult use,” the same recreational use.

“So what? They’re still taxing everything,” said Arthur Jones, who doesn’t mind. Instead, he focused on celebrating what this 4/20 means nearly two and a half years of legal shopping.

“I don’t need to go outside and risk my freedom,” Jones said. “Just come here, take my treats and go celebrate 4/20 every day.”

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