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Viaplay Greenlights Swedish Romcom ‘RSVP’ – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Viaplay lightened the tone of his slate originals by a green light answer Swedish romkom involving Emigrants star Lisa Carlehead in the lead role.

Will air later this year and based on the award-winning Danish film A long story, NENT The latest version of the streamer covers four years and consists of nine sections, each dedicated to a different celebration. At the heart of the story is Clara (Carlehead), a 37-year-old single nurse whose eternal search for love increasingly makes her doubt whether it exists.

Miso Film, which last week announced it has signed a contract with former drama director Christian Rango DR, is working on an award-winning producer. Jordskott The director is the actor Moa Gomel, and the screenwriter is Ella Lemhagen.

Along with Carlehead, who was recently nominated for Best Actress at the Swedish Guldbagge Awards for her film by Eric Poppe Emigrants, the film stars Oscar Thuringia (Thin blue line), Christian Hilborg (Young royalty), Liv Menes (Holidays), Johannes Ba Kunke (Love and anarchy), Felice Yankel (Snabba Cash), Madeleine Martin (Leah), Anna Granat (Anxious people), Christopher Kamiyasu (The bodyguard of the killer’s wife) and the Werndal Line (Ragnarok).

“Holidays mean different things to all of us, but they always mean something,” said Philip Valest, NENT Group’s chief content officer. “The latest Viaplay film project is a warm and thoughtful story that offers a fresh perspective on this universal human experience.”

The show is something like a shift in tone from the average original Viaplay, which is usually more in the style of Scandi Noir. It’s similar to the HBO series Max Scandi Lust, which tells about the sex life of a group of Swedes over 40 years old.

Viaplay is aimed at 70 international original launches this year and is launched in key areas.


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