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Vicki White dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound after she and escaped inmate Casey White were captured in Indiana


Alabama penitentiary official Vicki White and murder suspect Casey Cole White were arrested in Indiana on Monday after more than a week of hunting, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said. Vicki White, who was hospitalized after the couple was detained, died later Monday night, the Conder of Vanderburg County said in a statement to the CBS affiliate. WEVV.

Coroner Steve Lockier said in a statement that White died at 7:06 p.m. local time, adding that the autopsy was scheduled for 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Authorities have not publicly released the cause of death, but a source from the U.S. Marshals Office told CBS News that authorities believe Vicki White received a gunshot wound to the head.

At a news conference earlier Monday, Singleton said Casey White surrendered without incident, and Vicki White was hospitalized after their car crashed. He did not provide any further details about her injuries.

The seizure came after a tip-off led authorities to Evansville, Indiana, more than 200 miles from where they originally disappeared, Singleton said. Two law enforcement sources told CBS News senior producer Pat Milton that investigators had “developed information” that they were potentially driving an older Cadillac model near the car wash where the Ford F-150 was left. A Ford F-150 was reportedly stolen from Tennessee, where authorities found a car recently driven by a couple, sources said.

The U.S. Marshals Service found a Cadillac in the hotel and set up surveillance, sources said. They then noticed the couple get out of the hotel and get into the vehicle: Casey White behind the wheel and Vicki White in the passenger seat. When they refused to stop, the chase began, which ended when the car overturned into a ditch.

One law enforcement source told CBS News that when investigators took Casey White into custody, he said: “She shot herself. I didn’t do that. “

Casey Cole White and Vicki White

Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office

Prior to Vicky White’s death, Singleton said the couple would be extradited to Alabama, and Casey White would soon be prosecuted in Lauderdale County before being transferred to the Department of Corrections.

“Today we took a very dangerous man off the streets,” Singleton said. “And he will never see the world again.”

The news came more than a week after the couple disappeared on April 29. That morning, Vicky White told her colleagues that she was taking Casey White to the courthouse for a mental health examination, authorities said. But her patrol car was found in the parking lot hours later, and by 3:30 p.m., officials realized that she and Casey White were missing.

Authorities later said there was no planned mental health assessment, adding that it appears Vicki White, who was due to retire at the end of the day, drove her patrol car to a parking lot where he was later found immediately after leaving the courthouse. Casey White.

Singleton said it was time were “special relationship” and that they contacted by phone for months before Casey White’s escape. Singleton said there is currently no evidence that the relationship was physical or sexual.

He also said the escape incident showed him it was hard to know who to trust.

“You know, I trusted Vicki White. She was an exemplary employee, ”he said before her death. “And I don’t know what provoked or pushed her to do something like that. I don’t know if we will ever find out. ”

Initially, Vicki White was accused of allowing or facilitating first-degree escape, and so it was. also charged on Monday with forgery of the second degree and theft of personal data for allegedly using a pseudonym to obtain a vehicle used in the escape – Ford Edge, which was “in the middle of nowhere” in Tennessee and towed by local authorities at about 14:00 the couple first fled.

Before they were detained Monday, the U.S. Marshals Service said investigators traveled to Evansville, Indiana, after receiving a tip.

The Marshals Service said it had been informed that a 2006 Ford F-150, a car believed to have been used by the couple, was found at a car wash in Evansville. Surveillance footage shows a man standing near the car in a hat, sunglasses, pink shirt and tan pants – although the Marshals Service did not identify the man as Casey White.

Screenshots of video from a surveillance camera made at a car wash.

US Marshals Service

Casey White was originally in jail on charges of killing Connie Ridgeway in 2015. Singleton said Monday that when White is eventually returned to Lauderdale County for trial, he will make sure he is in solitary confinement with heightened protection.

“He will stay in handcuffs and handcuffs while he is in that cell,” Singleton said. “And if he wants to sue me for violating his civil rights, so be it. He will not be released from this prison, I assure you. ”

Matthew Musk contributed to the report. This story was supplemented by additional details from law enforcement.


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