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Vote for your favorite restaurants – Chicago Tribune


Good morning, Chicago.

The nominations have been tallied, and it’s time to start casting those votes — for the mayor’s second term, of course, but just as importantly: Readers’ Choice Food Awards 2023.

Over the past week, more than 900 nominations poured in across our 12 categories, from best new restaurant to your favorite Chicago barbecue, soft drinks, suburban dining and more.

We’ve now narrowed it down to five finalists in each category — along with 10 for Best New Restaurant — and voting begins today and runs through March 31. Readers can vote for their favorites daily, then see who wins it all on April 26.

If you missed it earlier this month, check out ours Critics’ Choice Awards, featuring our picks for the best Chicago restaurants in 2023, from pizza to pho. Want to see which of your favorite places have won in the past? We have searchable map with every winner since 2011.

Good luck to our worthy finalists and may the tastiest morsels win.

Ariel Chung, Food and Travel Editor

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After the state Democratic Party filed a complaint against him for failing to disclose more than $1 million in receipts from the political action committee he runs, which far-right talk show host and GOP political figure Dan Proft blames for the improprieties $3 million typo.

Proft filed a new campaign finance report on Wednesday for an independent PAC he runs called People Who Play by the Rules.

A Ross's gull is photographed at Rainbow Beach on March 11, 2023 in Chicago.

Afternoon briefing

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The bird, which gathered a crowd of up to 200 people on Saturday and reappeared on Tuesday and Wednesday, to the delight of spectators, in the nearby Steelers’ Park, really the long-awaited Ross’s gullaccording to John Bates, curator of birds at the Field Museum in Chicago.

“Most of the time they’re just above the Arctic Circle, and occasionally they wander into the lower 48, but they often don’t stay there very long. So the idea that this bird allowed itself to be seen by so many people was really fun,” Bates said.

A branch of First Republic Bank in Manhattan on March 11, 2023.

Eleven of the country’s largest banks announced A $30 billion bailout for First Republic Bank to prevent the California bank from becoming the third bank to fail in less than a week.

Illinois' Terrence Shannon Jr. tries to get around Arkansas' Anthony Black and Arkansas' Jalen Graham during the first half of a first-round NCAA college basketball tournament game March 16, 2023, in Des Moines, Iowa.

Illinois entered the NCAA Tournament with nothing to lose, so Thursday’s first-round exit by Arkansas wasn’t as difficult to take as their most recent tournament losses.

The No. 9 seeded Illini lost 73-63showing the same shooting deficiencies and dribbling issues we’ve seen from them most of the season.

Immersive Mozart-themed show at Lighthouse ArtSpace Chicago, March 14, 2023.

“Immersion in Mozart” portrays the composer as a boy genius marionette trying to free himself from the expectations of court life, the shadow of his father Leopold, and his own mortality. Melodies of his “Don Giovanni”, “The Magic Flute” and other hits fill the hall. As a special guest star, Mikhail Baryshnikov makes a speechless episodic role of the pensive Leopold, who walks, as if in a digital trance, surrounded by candles.

Magical? Remember? Well … it’s definitely something to watch while listening to excerpts from The Marriage of Figaro and other gems on the recording performed by a 45-piece orchestra conducted by Constantin Arbelian, writes Michael Phillips.


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