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Weakening high with evaporators? – Chicago magazine


Why is vape less fun?

Battery-powered evaporators with pre-loaded hemp oil are often recommended to new users to make it easier to detect their tolerance levels. But frequent vaping leads to shorter highs.

This is because most cartridges and disposables cater to consumers who only want high THC percentages. Instead, the smoking combination of color and concentrate provides a better effect from the activation of all plant substances of the strain: compounds such as THC, CBD and terpenes, which are responsible for delicious odors. This entourage effect leads to a wonderful peace of body and mind.

If you continue to consume products designed to isolate THC, your buzz will not affect your entire body and mind just like a product that contains more original plant compounds. This is why vape cartridges are often referred to as TV cannabis dinners.

Erika Nagornyak works at Hatch Dispensary in Addison.

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