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White Sox is a partner of Caesars Entertainment, a bookmaker


CHICAGO – The same day that the place was chosen as a place in West Belly a casino finalist in Chicagoone of the city’s baseball teams has entered into a sports betting partnership with another company.

The White Sox have announced that they have made Caesars Entertainment their exclusive partner in the casino, and have named Caesars Sportsbook the official partner for sports betting for the team.

“Combining with the world-renowned leader in entertainment at Caesars, we ensure a shared brand reputation and a shared commitment to offer our fans an extraordinary sporting and entertaining experience,” White Sox Chief Revenue and Marketing Director Brooks Boer said in a statement. club. “With energetic talent on the field, our partnership with Caesars heightens the excitement for our fans with new experiences and programs.”

Both Caesars Entertainment and Sportsbook will gain access to White Sox logos and badges, LED signs, digital and social media, and the White Sox experience through the Caesars Rewards program.

New additions to the speed-guaranteed field include prominent, visible on TV fixed signs with the right board of the field with game directions and the inscription of channels at the top of the video board on the left.

Caesars Entertainment and Sportsbook will also be featured in marketing, White Sox products, and offers for fans through the Caesars Sportsbook app.

“This is the perfect time for Caesars to cling to an iconic franchise like the Chicago White Sox,” Tom Rigg, CEO of Caesars Entertainment, said in a statement through the club. “Some of the hottest sports fans in the country call Illinois home. Caesars can give White Sox fans and sports enthusiasts across the state the best sports experience through our world-class resorts and the recent restart of the Caesars Sportsbook app, which is now available for mobile registration. ”


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