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Whitney High School principal Joyce Kenner is announcing her retirement after 27 years


CHICAGO (CBS)Dr. Joyce Kenner for nearly three decades she has walked the halls of Whitney High School principal M. Young Magnet, and now she is preparing to step down.

German Terry of CBS 2 on Wednesday caught up with the longtime leader about what would happen next and hopes for the future of the top-ranked school.

Kenner said she wants to “make sure the person who will be after me will be someone who has the same values ​​as me.”

On Wednesday, Kenner spoke at a roundtable with her assistant principals and members of the local school board, as well as other visitors, including the former Old. Bob Fioretti. She is preparing to say goodbye after 27 years as director at Whitney Young at S. Laughlin Street, 211 on the Middle West Side, and five years as assistant director before that.

“And I try to be funny – there won’t be another Joyce Kenner,” Kenner told the band. “We all understand that.”

Kenner kept Whitney Young in first place for her 27 years at the helm.

“It’s a school of selective learning, and that’s why there are desirable places here,” she said.

But one place will soon be vacant.

Terry: “After nearly 30 years of walking through these halls, when did reality see that it was time to close forever?”

Kenner: “It really was about my family. I have a 3 year old granddaughter. Grandson on the road – and I’m sure I will need a son and his wife.

When Kenner became principal, Paul Wallace was the chief executive of Chicago’s public schools. He was the first to receive this title after the mayor’s control over schools came into force in 1995 – before that the head of the CPS had the title of foreman.

As Wallace, Arne Duncan, Ran Huberman, Terry Maani, Jean-Claude Bryzard, Barbara Byrd-Bennett, Jesse Ruiz, Forrest Claypool, Janice Jackson and now Pedro Martinez have succeeded each other as CEO of CPS, Kener remained Young.

At this time, new high schools were built. Yet Whitney Young remains in demand by students.

So what does Kenner credit for this?

Kenner: “Honestly, I’d say I’m old school, and some of the things I thought were important here at Whitney Young, I didn’t let change.”

Terry: “Like what?”

Kenner: “Students with hats in the building. I know this sounds trivial, but I keep telling students, “We’re preparing you for college, and you have an interview in college. You can’t enter a college interview in a hat. ” on “.

Kenner believes that teacher dedication is key, and wants the one who takes it upon himself to understand the commitment to academic success.

“We’re not looking for someone just to boost our careers and move on in two to three years,” Kenner said.

And why did Kenner stay so long without moving up and on?

“They never offered me the position of principal of Chicago’s public schools, so it was the only position I ever wanted other than that job,” Kenner said.

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