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Who was elected alderman in each district — and which races are going to runoffs — Chicago Tribune


Voters strongly supported their current alcoves In February’s municipal elections, incumbents won 31 of 50 races.

However, not all of these races were easily won. In 22 contested races, incumbent City Council members faced challengers hoping to unseat them, but in the end, incumbent aldermen were able to defend their City Hall seats with more than 50% of the vote in their respective wards.

In just one race – in the 12th adv — the incumbent president lost. In this ward, social activist Julia Ramírez beat the newly appointed Aldo. According to official data published on Wednesday, Anabel Abarka won 57% of the votes.

But four other districts will have a new chairman in May. In the 14th, 26th, 34th and 44th districts of the candidate Jaylou GutierrezJessica “Jessie” Fuentes, Bill Conway and Bennett Lawson won after longtime incumbents announced they would not seek re-election. A total of 12 seats were distributed the current council member has decided not to run for another term. In this regard, further reforms in the City Council are not excluded.

However, 14 elections are still undecided, as none of the candidates received a majority of votes in their apparatus. In six of those elections — the 11th, 24th, 29th, 36th, 43rd and 45th electoral districts — incumbent aldermen appear poised to secure victory as they all received the most votes . The remaining eight are guaranteed to be filled by a new candidate after the incumbents retire or take a higher position.

The winners of those 14 unsolved races will be determined by the second round of elections on April 4.

Search by ward to see the winner of each city council race. Click “More about this race” in the pop-up window for more detailed results of this race.


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