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Willowbrook Wildlife Center in Glen Elin celebrates Earth Day with a volunteer event


CHIKGAO (CBS) – The Suburban Nature Center helps volunteers help local wildlife.

Visitors can get to know a variety of animals at the Willowbrook Wildlife Center in Glen Ellin.

“We always relate to the land and try to think about how we can benefit the well-being of wildlife that separates our neighborhoods and our forest reserves,” said Nathan Humbell, a wildlife translator.

On Saturday, April 23, volunteers can help the cause in Willowbrook by rolling up their sleeves for a variety of tasks.

Many of the animals that live here are patients who need a little TLC because it was difficult for them.

“It’s usually some kind of permanent trauma or disability that will affect their success in surviving in the wild,” Humbel said.

Some animals were hit by cars or their nests were demolished by a storm.

“A number of birds have trouble flying, so they can jump from perch to perch, but they can’t withstand the flight over long distances,” Humbel said. “We will put ramps. Let’s put different poles. “

He said Earth Day volunteers would help build some of these settlements.

“We have a house for our firewood that we need to collect, and of course there is mulch, gravel and sand that needs to be moved from place to place,” Humbel said. “We’ll do a little cleaning, too.”

All this is for a great cause to make these animals happy and healthy.

While volunteers need to keep a safe distance, reaching out can help animals feel more comfortable with the people who provide their care.

“Hopefully, we’re doing here a celebration of actions we’ve been able to do throughout the year, not just at this particular time of year,” Humbel said.

To help tomorrow, you need to register, the number of places is limited.

There is also a much better chance of helping DuPage County Forest Preserves.


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