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An autistic boy kidnapped in Florida was found in Canada about two months later

The missing autistic boy was found

The missing autistic boy was found


Miami-Dade police say Jorge “Jojo” Morales, the autistic boy who was abducted in late August by what is believed to be his father and grandmother, has been found safe in Canada. This is reported by CBS Miami.

Jorge Gabriel Morales and Lilliam Peña Morales were taken into custody by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The boy is reported to be healthy and unharmed.

Miami-Dad Police Director Freddie Ramirez called it “another example of how local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies, along with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, have come together to keep a child safe, and [we] will continue to work together to fight the great evil.”

According to investigators, Jojo was taken from his home in Homestead by his paternal grandmother under a court-ordered time-sharing order. The father did not return it, violating the court order, and Jojo’s mother went to the police to report the incident.

Disappearance detectives received a report and began an investigation. A missing person’s alert was issued and investigators began searching for leads. A warrant was later issued for the father’s arrest.

Jojo’s mother, Janet Lil Concepcion, told CBS Miami that “she is very happy now. I can’t even believe that I went through such a difficult time.

“… I thought my son was going to die. It was really hard to sleep. It was really hard to eat. All I could think about was him. What was he doing? If he was okay. When he was asking for his mom.” .

Jojo was spotted at Walmart, says Leal Concepcion.

“I’m just happy to be able to share the happy ending of this because I know a lot of moms don’t get that happy ending, and I do.”

The first trip she plans to take with Jojo will be a Disney cruise, which she says Jojo has wanted to go on for a long time, but his father wouldn’t let him.


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