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As Twitter Is Under Elon Musk’s Control, These Celebs Vow To Quit: ‘I’m Quit’

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has already led to some major changes in the company. Musk called himself “Tweet-in-Chief,” fired top management and shared his plans to change the platform’s current content moderation and bans. Many fear the changes will lead to hate speech and objectionable content on the platform, and several celebrities and high-profile figures have vowed to leave the platform as a result.

Musk first announced his intention to buy the company in April. At the time, actor and activist Jamila Jamil, activist Sean King, comic book writer Eric Larsen, wrestler Mick Foley and others have said they will no longer use Twitter when he bought. $44 billion in sales passed at the end of October.

Now that Musk is officially in control, more stars have become critical of him and made similar pledges to leave, while others seemed to be on the fence.

Shonda Rhimes

“I don’t expect what Elon planned. Goodbye,” screenwriter and producer tweeted two days after Musk officially bought the company. She hasn’t tweeted since.

Sara Bareilles

The singer announced that she was leaving the platform on Twitter on October 30. “Welp. It was fun on Twitter. I left. See you on other platforms man. I’m sorry, it’s just not for me.” she wrote. She hasn’t tweeted since.

Toni Braxton

The singer said she was shocked by the changes she saw after Musk bought the company and vowed to stay away from it. “I am shocked and appalled at some of the ‘freedom of speech’ I have seen on this platform since acquiring it. Hate speech under the guise of “freedom of speech” is unacceptable; so I choose to stay away from Twitter as it is. no longer a safe place for me, my sons, and other POC.” she wrote.

Aleksey Zimovy

The “Bill and Ted” actor said he would leave the platform, and he kept that promise — his account is no longer active. His last tweet was a meme about Musk hijacking the platform, in accordance with The Hollywood Reporter.

Brian Kopelman

The “Billions” showrunner tweeted that he was going to “take a break” from Twitter, after which he made his account private. In his latest tweet, he instructed fans to find him on Instagram and TikTok, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ken Olin

Actor, director and producer tweeted about his departure from the podium on October 28. “Hey, I’m getting out of here. Without judgment. Let’s keep the faith. Let’s protect our democracy. Let’s try to be kinder. Let’s try to save the planet. be more generous. Let’s seek peace in the world,” he wrote.

In a previous tweet, he said he would use it Tribal Social, an alternative to Twitter. “We need to unlearn this Musk machine,” Olin said. The platform advertises itself as free of hate and “fake news.”

Mick Foley

In April, the wrestler said he would consider leaving Twitter. “I will seriously consider leaving Twitter for good in the near future,” he wrote. “I don’t have a good feeling about where this platform is going.” As of October 31, his Twitter account has been deactivated.

Eric Larson

The comic book writer, who worked on the Amazing Spider-Man series in the 1990s, vowed early in Musk’s acquisition process to delete his Twitter account if the billionaire managed to buy the company. It seems Larsen left the platform from the time of purchase.

Jamila Jamil

Actor was the first to announce that she would leave Twitter in April. “One good thing about Elon buying twitter is that I will *FINALLY* be gone and no longer a total menace to society. So it’s actually a win-win,” she tweeted. She’s been tweeting ever since, with her last tweet coming on October 26 — the day before Musk officially bought the company. It’s unclear if she’ll return, but if she keeps her promise, she won’t return to the platform while Musk oversees it.

Rob Reiner

The director urged people not to leave the podium. “For those fighting to preserve our constitutional democracy, now is not the time to leave Twitter.” he wrote on Twitter the day after purchase. Since then, he has been tweeting, mainly to promote the upcoming midterm elections on November 8.

Amy Siskind

In April, the activist and writer wrote on Twitter that she was sitting with her thoughts and watching, but had not decided whether she would stay on the platform.

“This platform looks like it’s dying” – she wrote on Twitter October 29. “When you leave, you can also find my content on Facebook. I created an active, moderated community there.”

Shaun King

In April, the activist left Twitter, but returned a few hours later. however, his account is now private.

Josh Gad

The actor said he wasn’t sure if he would stay on Twitter. “There is a lot of churn happening on this platform. Not sure if I’ll stay or not.” he wrote on Twitter October 28. “I’m leaning towards staying, but if today is a sign of things to come, I don’t know what the point is. Free speech is great. Hate speech intended to cause harm (with no consequences) – it’s not what I signed up for.” He has tweeted several times since then.


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