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Experts: Children’s car seats and “fluffy” coats do not mix | Main stories

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Puffy coats are meant to keep kids warm, but some experts say they can work against children and increase their chances of being seriously injured in a car accident.

Emily O’Connell, child and passenger seat safety technician for the Macon County Health Department, assists with car seat safety inspections. She told WAND News when a child wears a thicker coat, his seat belt and harness don’t fit properly.

“If those straps don’t fit the child’s body, the chest clip isn’t at armpit level, or they’re not fastened correctly, that child is at risk of serious injury in a car accident,” she said.

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Belts and car seat belts should fit snugly. O’Connell said that if a child is strapped into a car seat, if they are wearing a baggy or heavy coat, it doesn’t fit the body properly.

“We have to make sure that these children are properly seated in these seats,” she said. “Every time we use thicker coats that don’t allow the straps to fit the baby’s body and in an accident the baby could potentially slip out of the straps.”

To prevent serious injuries, O’Connell suggested parents dress their children in long-sleeved shirts, thinner jackets, fleece ponchos or blankets.

“You can even wear a baby coat backwards by fitting it correctly. But you have to remember to tuck in the hood so it doesn’t end up in the child’s face.”

Experts recommend that parents use the pinch test to check if the coat is too fluffy. First, put the coat on the child and fasten it. Then remove the child from the seat. Do not adjust the straps or put them back on. If there is a lot of space, the coat is too lush.

The Macon County Health Department also conducts car seat safety inspections on the first Tuesday of each month. To make an appointment, call 217-423-6988 Ex. 1310 year.

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