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The Chicago Children’s Choir is now Uniting Voices Chicago

CHICAGO — The Chicago Children’s Chorus has changed its name to Uniting Voices Chicago to expand its goals and values ​​as an organization.

The Chicago Children’s Chorus has helped thousands of young people find their voice for decades.

Ren Pfetcher, a member of more than nine years, believes the name change is a better fit for the organization.

“We are more than a children’s choir,” Pfetcher said.

The nonprofit’s president, Josephine Lee, said they want to create a more harmonious world by harnessing the power of music.

“We’re not only bringing together the voices of our extraordinary youth … our city, our nation and the world,” Lee said.

Uniting Voices has neighborhood ensembles throughout the city and works in Chicago schools. Lee said they have two citywide samples coming together at the Chicago Cultural Center.

They also traveled abroad and were able to perform in Egypt.

17-year-old Elijah Williams first connected with the choir in the 7th grade, which he now feels like a family.

“It’s more than just a choir, it’s like a family,” Williams said of the choir.

Although the name has changed, Lee said the drive to impact young people’s lives remains the same.

“Music is the most powerful medium for connecting people and breaking down barriers and bringing us all together,” Lee said.


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