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The public forum comes months after suburban police killed a woman

FLOSSMOORE, IL — Community members gathered Saturday in Flossmoor to demand police transparency and speak up for a family a woman killed by officers in July.

Village leaders said the forum at Parker High School was organized to help the community heal after the death of Madeleine Miller. Some residents WGN News spoke with said they still aren’t getting the answers they need.

A group called Justice for Madeline Miller gathered outside the high school to demand answers about the investigation into Miller, 64, who was shot and killed by Flossmoor police on July 10.

Casey Cuelzo is part of the group.

“We want the names of the officers released and fired first,” she said.

Inside the school, village leaders held a public forum where several residents came out to voice their concerns about how Miller was killed. She was shot and killed after police say Miller threatened them with a knife and then lunged at them. Some called for more accountability in the police department and better training of officers.

Throughout the meeting, facilitators met with residents in private sections to discuss possible actions leaders can take to prevent another tragedy.

“We tried to have an open discussion in the room with everyone present, but they divided us into rooms without the council members, so we don’t feel like we’re being heard by the people in power,” Cuelzo said.

Village officials said the officers involved in Miller’s killing are on indefinite leave.

“The investigation is ongoing,” Flossmoor Police Chief Todd Kamleiter said. “The Illinois State Police are still investigating the incident, so we will not be able to comment on the actual actions of the officers at this time.”

“Her death was tragic and we wish it hadn’t happened, but it happened and we’re doing everything we can to get through it and move past it,” said Flossmoor Mayor Michelle Nelson.

Some measures residents say they would like the village to consider moving forward include access to mental health professionals when called to certain locations. Some say they would also like to organize a civilian watchdog.


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