A busy Thanksgiving trip is underway in Chicago

CHICAGO — Thanksgiving is just a day away, and holiday travel is in full swing.

You can definitely tell that Wednesday is the day before the holiday because throngs of commuters were constantly pouring in and out of Union Station.

For those of you sticking around town or driving to your destination, you can expect a traffic headache on the interstates for the next few hours.

Sections of Interstate 94 and 290 West are expected to be much busier than normal, according to AAA. When it comes to air travel, TSA officials want to remind passengers to double-check that they’ve packed their carry-on bags and make sure your bags don’t contain prohibited items, such as weapons.

While most people escape on holiday by car or plane, more than 1.4 million travelers get out of the city by cruise, train or bus.

Between 12,000 and 13,000 passengers board and disembark Amtrak trains at Union Station on Wednesday, compared to 8-9,000 on a typical day.

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