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A former church for sale in Missouri is next to a creepy cemetery

Nestled in a rolling countryside of olive green hills and patches of leafy trees is a unique residence sure to appeal to those seeking solitude.

Exterior Screenshot from Zillow

Once there was a Catholic church in the village Herman, Missouri for $345,000, which seems pretty low for a lot of space inside a historic building. And of course, while the building clearly needs love and attention in the renovation, there is also an eerie element to it.

Exterior Screenshot from Zillow

Like in a cemetery.

Exterior Screenshot from Zillow

The three-bedroom, four-bathroom home sits a few feet from an old cemetery, photos on the Zillow.com listing show.

Interior Screenshot from Zillow

Although the listing doesn’t mention the serene area, the photos clearly show the tombstones along the grounds.

Bathroom Screenshot from Zillow

“Historic Catholic church renovated into a unique house/pantel and breakfast!” the list says. “Great bed and breakfast opportunity with 6,000 square feet of living space, separate living quarters, plus a guest apartment. Beautiful original touches throughout, from the vaulted rotunda ceiling to the original fixtures! Great location and endless possibilities!”

Interior Screenshot from Zillow

The home was featured on Friday Night Zillow, a Twitter segment hosted by Bloomberg reporter Steven Dennis.

Interior Screenshot from Zillow

“Once I wanted to live in the past The church is next to the cemetery?” Dennis tweeted along with the list. “I found a place for you! Only $345K for 6K sf. The ghosts are apparently free.’

Interior Screenshot from Zillow

“Get you Halloween special…”, someone answered.

Bedroom Screenshot from Zillow

According to PeopleLegacy.com, the cemetery is Malya Berger Catholic Cemetery.

Exterior Screenshot from Zillow

Hermann is about 80 miles northwest of St. Louis.

Exterior Screenshot from Zillow

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