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Carbon dioxide ‘flood’ at Los Angeles airport leaves 4 sick, 1 in critical condition

LAX terminal evacuated, four workers sick due to gas leak

LAX terminal evacuated, four workers sick due to gas leak


There were four workers got sickincluding one critical, due to a carbon dioxide release in a utility room at Los Angeles International Airport early Monday, authorities said.

A gas leak was initially reported Monday morning in the baggage area of ​​Terminal 8, but was later determined to have occurred in a utility room about 200 feet away, Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey said in a statement.

Humphrey said on press conference.

Three independent contractors quickly got out, but one person, a man in his 50s, remained inside and went into cardiac arrest, Humphrey said. The man was initially listed in critical condition but was upgraded to critical upon arrival at the hospital, while the other two men and a woman were treated at the scene with minor complaints.

No travelers were directly affected by the release, but airport officials moved about 100 people to nearby Terminal 7.

According to the airport, the terminal is served by United Airlines and United Express website.

According to Humphrey, all of the injured workers were in or near the utility room when there was a pop and an apparent release of carbon dioxide vapor.

The most seriously injured worker was found in a utility room “without a pulse or breathing,” and paramedics administered CPR and life support, Humphrey said.

“LAFD hazardous materials experts carefully examined the area using sophisticated instruments and found only traces of carbon dioxide remaining in the utility room,” Humphrey said in a statement. “No escalation of danger or danger outside the site was identified.”


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