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Free bus rides are offered to local veterans | Main stories

ARGENTA, Ill. (WAND) – With the support and help of the community, a Veterans Day bus ride was organized to transport veterans around Decatur and Macon County.

Brad Wells told WAND News it was an idea that became a reality. He said local residents have come together and businesses have donated funds to organize a bus that starts in Bargent and takes local veterans around the county.

“Getting them free meals and haircuts and different things that the businesses are offering,” said Brad, who helped organize the event.

Wells said the free bus ride was a chance to honor and recognize local veterans. He said he didn’t know how many would come or how successful the day would be, but when he saw that everyone had come to Bargenta, he was excited about the day.

“No one ever does,” he said. “So the first year I thought, why not see what happens.”

Throughout Friday, the bus took veterans to businesses throughout the county that offered free services or discounted food. Paul Clark, a member of the Illinois Army National Guard, said it’s a great opportunity to be around other veterans from different eras.

“This day is something we value,” Clark said. “We take it to heart because what we’ve done, where we’ve been, and what we’ve been through, a lot of people don’t understand.”

Wells told WAND News he hopes to ride the bus again next year.

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