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Illinois leads the nation in community college enrollment

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A recent report for the Illinois Community College Board showed the first system-wide increase in enrollment in more than a year.

According to the ICCB, the number is up 1.5% from last year. A spokesperson for Rock Valley Community College said the school currently has just over 5,800 students. This is almost 400 more people than last year.

“Rock Valley College is doing pretty darn good right now with recruiting,” said Dr. Patrick Peer, RVC’s vice president of student affairs.

Twenty-eight schools saw enrollment growth this fall, compared to just 17 this time last year. However, not every community college in Illinois has succeeded because many are still recovering from the economic effects of the pandemic.

Dr Brian Durham, chief executive of the ICCB, said colleges had done a good job of connecting with students over the past few years.

“Community colleges have learned a lot over the last couple of years during the pandemic, and they’ve figured out how to be more flexible, which is one of the strengths they bring to this community anyway,” Durham said. “Community colleges really strengthen their communities.”

Peer agrees.

“We are a big family here at Rock Valley College, and our number one goal is student success,” he said.

Peyer noted RVC’s 58 years of dedication and commitment to providing services and programs to local residents for growth.

“We have wonderful facilities, we have wonderful resources, we have wonderful activities to engage students. It’s been fun to be fully back on campus this fall semester,” Peer said. “We have a great sports program. We are the home of Rock Valley College Champions.”

The numbers showed that Illinois is ahead of the nation when it comes to community college enrollment. In 2021, the national average decreased by 5.6% and remained at the same level in 2022.


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