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A bear in search of sweets climbs to the top of the CO’s house

Halloween drew Colorado’s first wildlife enthusiasts this year.

One sculler ended up on the roof of a house in Steamboat Springs looking for a sweet treat. Colorado Parks and Wildlife released photos of a bear on top of a house with a warning: “Don’t let your house become popular on the block for the wrong reasons this Halloween.”

“Happy Halloween!” – the officials wrote in the signature. “Trick-o-treats are out early in search of sweet treats in Steamboat Springs. Unfortunately, one got a treat.”

Photos show a bear in the yard, a dumpster in what appears to be a driveway, and on the roof of a home. They also shared tips on how to protect your home.

“Do not feed bears or put out food for other wildlife that attracts bears,” the first tip said. This apparently includes Halloween candy.

“Black bears are curious, intelligent and highly adaptable,” the website says. “They’re not picky and will eat almost anything that’s high in calories. Bears want to get the most energy with the least amount of effort. The goal of every bear is to fatten up to survive the winter.’

Brooke (she/they) is a real-time reporter for McClatchy covering LGBTQ+ and Western news. They studied journalism at the University of Florida and previously covered LGBTQ+ news for the South Florida Sun Sentinel. When they are not writing stories, they enjoy spending time with their cats, horseback riding, or spending time outdoors.


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