Indiana teacher with hit list agrees to no-contact order

CROWN POINT, Ind. (AP) — A northwest Indiana fifth-grade teacher has been charged with intimidation after authorities say she told a student she had A “kill list” of students and staff agreed to stay away from the school.

Angelica Carrasquilla, 25, of Griffith, signed a no-contact order Friday without contesting when she appeared in a green prison uniform in Lake Superior Court, Northwest Indiana Times informed.

Judge Kathleen Lang upheld Karaskill’s not guilty plea to one count of intimidation.

Karasquilla was being held on $20,000 bond or $2,000 cash.

Court documents state that on Oct. 12, Carasquillo “threatened to commit murder.”

As soon as staff at the school where she worked, St. Stanislaus in East Chicago, learned of the threat, they immediately confronted her and removed her from the building, the Diocese of Gary said in a statement to parents.

When Carrasquillo was asked why she wanted to kill herself and others, she reportedly told school officials, “I have mental health issues and sometimes kids don’t listen in class. I also had an injury when I went to high school.’

The threats came to light when a counselor said over the fifth grader’s head, “I heard Ms. Carrasquillo wants to kill herself and has a list.”

The student reportedly said Carrasquillo made the threat directly to him and told the student he was on the list.

The principal and assistant principal said Karasquilla gave them the name of one student on the “kill list,” but she did not reveal all the names, the court document said.

Carrasquillo allegedly told school officials that “she was just joking about the whole thing.”

East Chicago police said they are obtaining an emergency warrant for the teacher’s arrest from the Lake County District Attorney’s Office. She was taken into custody at her home on October 13.

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