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Is a hot dog a sandwich? Chicago residents used to think so – Chicago Tribune

Good morning, Chicago.

The final days of the Nov. 8 election campaign will continue to feature millions of dollars in TV ads from candidates for governor and a pair of state Supreme Court seats to a host of congressional and state legislative contests.

But the real work for companies now comes down to “GOTV.” get-out-the-vote efforts to secure the electoral base of candidates appear at the election as well as the remaining strong late-deciding voters—a number that dwindles with each day of early and mail-in voting.

I President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris both will appear in the Chicago area in the coming days to try to bolster the chances of Democratic congressional candidates in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

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Chrissy Sanders, 32, had just finished taking her 6-year-old son out for a treat on Halloween night and had arrived at a friend’s duty in East Garfield Park a little late, around 8:30 p.m., when Sanders began paying respects to the woman’s friends and loved ones. who died, Sanders’ cousin told her, “I’m taking the kids to the car,” and led Sanders, 6, and her two young children to her car, which was parked nearby. on California Ave.

Sanders said of her cousin, “I’m so glad” she took them and left the stage. Sanders stood between two cars, talking about funeral arrangements, then started to cross the street. She heard the attackers “fire 20 to 30 shots” and someone yelling, “Get down!”

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown speaks during a Chicago Police Department budget hearing at City Hall on October 21, 2022 in Chicago.

As Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot’s administration makes its final pleas to aldermen to approve its 2023 budget recommendations, a new analysis shows they’re not getting a full picture of the biggest budget item — police — and other city departments.

A new analysis by a former employee of the City Council’s Office of Financial Analysis shows that the Police Department’s stated budget has greatly underestimated the true annual cost of the department.

Illinois State Representative Emanuel "Chris" Welch surrounded by Governor J.  B. Pritzker, left, and Senate President Don Harmon speak during a news conference outside their office at the state Capitol in Springfield, April 7, 2022.

In an election year beset by a sputtering economy and divisive issues including abortion and crime, two decades of Democratic dominance in the Illinois General Assembly will be put to the test on Nov. 8.

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In the House of Representatives, there are contested races for 78 of 118 seats, and in the Senate, voters will face choices for 25 of 59 seats. The election was the first since Democrats, who hold a 73-45 majority in the House and 41-18 in the Senate, last year, new boundaries of the district were drawn in order to maintain its superiority.


After 19 months in Chicago, Nikola Vucevic is finding consistency with the Bulls.

The two-time All-Star center, when he arrived in a trade in March 2021, was expected to transition from a primary scorer role with the Orlando Magic to a center role to complement Zach LaVine and, later, DeMar DeRozan. But it took Vucevic longer than expected to warm to his new position.

Chicago's Marion Todd (left) and Marge Kraus were ambassadors during National Hot Dog Month in July 1957 and toured the country to promote the beloved hot dog.  Here they posed with a plate of 60 hot dogs, which at the time represented what the average American ate in a year.  Their hats were accented with a ribbon of hot dogs smothered in mustard.

This is one of the funniest trivia moments of the 21st century debatewrites Nick Kindelsperger. This inspired the partisans to think about the really trivial aspects of the dish. Does a hinge on a hot dog bun disqualify you? Is sausage technically considered a filling? In some restaurants, you can order half sandwiches, but if someone gives you half a hot dog, it will be bad. Merriam-Webster even weighed inwriting that “given that the definition of a sandwich is ‘two or more slices of bread or bun with a filling between them’, there is no reasonable way around this”.

There are many evidence that people in Chicago in the early 20th century called the dish a hot dog sandwich.

Jaylene Webb, left, as Johnny Crocker and Banks Repetto as Paul Graff in the James Gray-directed film "Armageddon time."

Filmmakers, the best, don’t make movies about their childhood because they know how they feel about what happened. They do it because they’re trying to figure it out in hindsight, with the help of a camera.

In Armageddon Time writer-director James Gray revisits his 12-year state of mind in this semi-autobiographical account of a working-class Jewish family living in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens, New York. 1980 year. Reagan’s America glows on the horizon, even as Reagan makes silly speeches about an imminent nuclear Armageddon that only he can prevent.


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