Jeff Probst Makes a Cameo in ‘Survivor’ The Man in the Joker Suit – Deadline

Saturday Night Live, with host and musical guest Jack Harlow immediately got into the Halloween spirit: the first scene was a Southern wedding on Halloween night, with Harlow and Chloe Fineman playing the groom, Patch, and the bride, Dooney, respectively.

When the wedding officiant asks if anyone objects to Patch and Dooney getting married, Dooney responds by pointing out that Patch’s best man, Clint, is coming to the wedding in a Joker costume.

Clint refuses to change, and the officiant puts the question to a vote, and the guests debate one by one whether Clint should dress as the Joker.

in the end He survived the owner Jeff Probst comes in and with his signature word “The tribe has spoken”, takes out a piece of paper with the result from the vase and extinguishes the loser’s torch.

Watch the video below.


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