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Newen Connect Announces Series Of Deals For Christian Dugay’s ‘Ride Above’, Unveils First Image – AFM – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Newen Connect presented a number of deals for a new film by Canadian director Christian Duguay ride higher in the main role Carmen Kasowitz as a teenager raised in a horse-racing environment who rises above the challenges of a tragic, life-changing accident.

The film was sold in Germany (DCM Film Distribution), Austria (Polyfilm), Spain (Deaplaneta), Portugal (Lusomundo), Italy (Eagle Pictures), Switzerland (Pathé), Belgium (Vertigo), Poland (Best Film), Czech Republic and Slovakia (AQS), Bulgaria (Beta Film), Canada (Films Opale), Australia (Madman), Singapore (Shaw Renters), Latin America (CDC United Networks) and Skeye (Airlines).

Pathé is preparing for a wide release of the film in France on December 21.

Kassovitz plays a teenager born and raised with horses at his parents’ stable. From a very young age, the rider forms a deep and exceptional bond with the young horse, in whom she sees a champion.

A tragic accident threatens to end their racing careers, but despite everything, for 15 years they will tirelessly fight for victory together.

Melanie Thierry and Pio Marmai starred in the role of the girl’s parents.

“We love this film, which so illustrates how humans, animals and nature are connected to each other and how this unbreakable bond makes us stronger,” said Sabine Chemali, executive vice president of international distribution for Newen Connect.

“Together, a horse and a girl will overcome the impossible. Passion, resilience and courage are inspirational values ​​in our time and we are delighted to work with such great partners around the world.”

The production worked with a variety of professionals to accurately portray the reality of driving with a disability.

France Handicap, the main local association responsible for the protection and representation of people with disabilities, supervised the production’s interaction with professionals such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists and manual sports managers.

On the horse side, the key crew included Pierre Lévesque, a famous former jockey and trainer who is credited as a trotting consultant, and Mario Luraschi, a dressage film reference and specialist in tricks and jumping.

The €15 million production, shot over 10 weeks in Normandy and the Île-de-France region, is executive produced by Maxime Delaunay and Romain Rousseau at Paris’s Nolita cinema. Their previous credits include Jean-Paul Rouva Memories and Lucien Jean-Baptiste He has your eyes.

Co-produced by TF1 Studio, France 2 Cinema and Pathe Film, Canal + and France 2 have pre-bought the film.

Duguay has a track record of bringing stories about animals and children to the big screen, including Japelup (2013), Belle and Sebastian: The Adventures Continue (2015) and A bag of balls (2017)


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