Musk pauses Twitter’s blue check relaunch ‘until there is high confidence in stopping impersonation’

(A hill) — Twitter chief Elon Musk announced Monday night that he will delay the restart of his new Twitter blue verification program until the platform develops a “high-confidence strategy to stop impersonation.”

“Relaunch of Blue Verified is delayed until there is high confidence that impersonation has stopped” wrote musk

Musk’s $8 subscription-based verification plan launched earlier this month got under close inspection for the ease with which it can be abused to impersonate public figures.

Legitimate users can lose their verified ticks because they choose not to pay, allowing other accounts to fraudulently use their information under the guise of a blue check.

A number of accounts impersonated public figures and companies following the rollout of Twitter Blue, resulting in suspension of registration for the program until “help solve problems with embodiment.”

CEO of SpaceX and Tesla answered to chaos by establishing a new rule that parody accounts must include the word “parody” in their titles, rather than just a bio.

“Accounts that engage in parody imitations, to be precise. Basically, it’s not okay to deceive people,” he wrote.

A multibillionaire said on Wednesday that the new version of Blue Verified will be introduced on November 29, but that start date may be delayed, according to Monday’s announcement.

“It’s likely that a different color check will be used for organizations than for individuals,” Musk said Monday evening.

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