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Opera adds Google’s Gemini to its browsers

Opera browser users now have access to more up-to-date information and enhanced conversational responses, thanks to the integration of Google’s Gemini AI models into Opera’s Aria AI extension.

Aria, which debuted last year, functions as an AI assistant capable of answering user queries, writing code, and performing various other tasks. Unlike other AI assistants that rely on a single model, Aria selects the most appropriate AI model for each specific task. With the new integration, Aria can now utilize Gemini, which Opera claims offers users “the most current information at high performance.”

Aria is available on all Opera browsers, including the gaming-focused Opera GX.

The Gemini family of large language models includes several models of varying sizes and capabilities. Gemini Nano, the smallest model, is designed primarily for mobile devices. Gemini Pro 1.5 and Gemini Pro 1.5 Flash are medium-sized models, while Gemini Ultra is Google’s most advanced model. The Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra models power the Gemini chatbot.

With the integration of Gemini, Opera users can now hear Aria read its responses aloud in a conversational manner. This feature is powered by Google’s text-to-audio AI models, similar to ChatGPT’s Read Aloud feature, which previously included the voice “Sky” before it was discontinued by OpenAI.

This collaboration with Google’s AI models is not new for Opera. In April, Aria added an image generation feature using Google’s Imagen 2 model, allowing users to create pictures directly within the Opera browser.

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