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Corey Barlog and his studio comment on the God of War Ragnarok leaks

Sony Santa Monica Studio and its creative director took to Twitter to comment on the recent God of War Ragnarok leaks.

A few leaks have surfaced online over the past few days as some retailers seem to have missed the game’s release date. Following these leaks, the game’s development studio and Cory Barlog have commented on the leaks, with Barlog recently adding that he is more than “disappointed” and feels really “terrible” for the development team.

“To be clear, I expressed my disappointment in the first tweet,” the creative director said added a few hours ago. “Not advocating it at all. not the future I want as a gamer or developer.”

He continued: “It’s very disappointing. feel terrible for the team. This whole ordeal is incredibly stressful for all of us.”

The official Santa Monica Studio released a somewhat longer statement on Twitter and warned fans of spoilers.

“As we get closer to launch, it’s important to our studio to preserve the God of War Ragnarok experience for players who want to enjoy the game for the first time without spoilers,” the studio wrote.

“We ask that you be considerate of the many fans who do not want to accidentally see clips, gameplay or narrative spoilers, and do not distribute them more widely.”

The studio continues: “We do our best to limit the exposure of unauthorized footage and screenshots, but the reality is that we can’t catch everything.”

“For those of you who don’t want to risk seeing anything before launch, we strongly recommend turning off any keywords or hashtags related to the game until release day.”

“We appreciate more the support you have given us. We can assure you that the wait will be worth it to try the game for yourself when it launches in less than two weeks on November 9thousand.”

God of War Ragnarok is coming out on November 9th for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. A must read everything we know about the game so far.

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