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Personal voting do’s and don’ts ahead of Illinois Election Day | Main stories

CHICAGO – (NBC CHICAGO) – It’s time to do your civic duty.

Election Day for the 2022 midterm elections in Illinois is November 8. And while mail-in and early voting is already underway across the state, many Illinoisans have decided to vote on Election Day.

Whether it’s your first or fortieth time voting in Illinois, let’s remember some of the dos and don’ts before entering the voting booth.

Bring ID with you — if you’re registering to vote or need to change your address

If you are taking advantage of the registration grace period, you need to bring two forms of ID, one with your address, such as a utility bill, bank statement, proof of payment, etc.

If you are already registered to vote at your current address, you do not need a state-issued photo ID to vote under Illinois law. But it can be useful if you have any questions about registration, address, signature, etc. during the voting process.

If you’re not sure if you’re registered to vote in Illinois, you can check here by entering your name, address and date of birth. To register to vote in Illinois, you must be a US citizen, be 18 years old by the date of the general election, and not be serving a felony sentence in a correctional facility.

If you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late.

Until the deadline register online was October 23, you can still take advantage of discounted registration in person during early voting or at your polling place on Election Day. To do this, you must carry two forms of identification, one with your current address (such as a utility bill), and be prepared to cast your vote at the same time.

If you have moved since you last voted, you can also use the registration grace period to update your registration to your current address. A complete list of places where you can take advantage of discounted registration can be found here.

Don’t take selfies with ballots

In Illinois, ballot selfies are prohibited by state law. Marking your ballot so another person can see how you voted is a felony, punishable by one to three years in prison.

State election officials have long said it’s “unlikely” to prosecute anyone for a selfie with a ballot, but you should play it safe and instead take a photo of your “I Voted” sticker or pose next to a sign at a polling place.

Bring your notes to the voting booth

By law, you are allowed to bring written or printed materials into the voting booth to help you. This includes items on your phone.

Do not leave the queue, even if the polling stations have closed

Polling stations open at 6 a.m. across the state and will remain open until 7 p.m

But remember – if you’re in QUEUE before the polls close, you can still vote! So if you’re rushing to the polling station at the last minute, don’t worry if you see a queue – and don’t let anyone try to talk you out of voting.

Ask for help when you need it

Several poll workers are on hand at each polling station to help voters with questions that arise. They will also help direct you to submit your ballot.

While millions of people will vote without any problems, some may be challenged about their right to vote, experience voter intimidation, or have problems at their polling station.

If you have any problems or simply have questions about the process, we encourage you to call the Election Protection Hotline at:

1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683): ​​English

1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (1-888-839-8682): Spanish/English

1-888-API-VOTE (1-888-274-8683): ​​Asian Languages/English

1-844-YallaUS (1-844-925-5287): Arabic/English

The hotline is run by a nonpartisan coalition of more than 100 organizations led by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

Do not wear clothing associated with campaigning

According to the State Election Commission, residents wearing any campaign clothing or materials may be required to remove or cover them while voting. It is not allowed to display campaign signs and brochures.

Pay attention to the results


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