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Supporters of the Fairness to Trial Act held a rally in Springfield

by: Jenna Barnes, Eli Ong

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Hundreds gathered at the state capitol Wednesday to rally in support of part of the SAFE-T Act.

It was part of the Fairness to Trial Act, or rather, part of the SAFE-T Act, which would eliminate cash bail in Illinois starting January 1, 2023.

Supporters of the PFA rallied during the fall veto session, urging lawmakers to keep the legislation as is, while negotiations continued behind closed doors.

State Democrats have said they plan no major changes to the SAFE-T Act.

If the PFA remains unchanged, this law will put the onus on prosecutors to show that a defendant poses a real and present security threat and is a flight risk if they want to arrest him.

“Your freedom, your life should not depend on your wealth,” said Cassandra Greer-Lee, who says her husband died of COVID-19 while in the Cook County Jail. “He didn’t have to die… If this bill had been implemented in 2020, I believe with all my heart that my husband would still be here.”


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