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A brief history of the development of American car brands. Who managed to gain a foothold?

Well-known American automakers produce a large range of cars that can satisfy consumers with different levels of income. The cost of American passenger vehicles offered for sale on the secondary market depends on the brand / modification of the car, year of manufacture, mileage, equipment and technical condition. Any American brand of a used car from the category of economy or premium class guarantees reliable assembly, good equipment, minimum damage, long service life, comfortable movement, if you enlist the support of professional auto experts when choosing a vehicle.

In the 1920s, difficult economic conditions set in, which made it possible to single out only three large companies that became market leaders. Nearly three-quarters of all passenger cars produced after World War II were manufactured by US Ford, Chrysler or General Motors. Due to the availability of their models were in demand, not only in the US, but also in the global market. The spaciousness of the cabin, the presence of a large body and the originality of the design have become the key to success.

The history of the creation of American cars goes back to the distant 1890, when the Duroy brothers created their own company for the production of cars with internal combustion engines. But the production of the first American car did not become serial: the brothers produced only 13 cars in 6 years. The mass character of cars from America was due to Henry Ford, who opened the first car manufacturing plant in Detroit. This city, by the way, later became the “father” of American engineering. Three giant factories are located in Detroit: General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Group LLC. American cars were not the first in the world, but it was in America that the car became a cult object. Only at the very end of the 19th century a company producing cars appeared here. However, even the first American cars differed from their overseas predecessors in more comfortable seats in the cabin and original body color. Perhaps this is what helped American cars win the hearts of customers. Cars from the USA were able to survive difficult periods in the economy of this country, and manufacturers are still actively fighting competitors.

Mergers different brand: advantages and disadvantages

The “Americans” Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet have merged under General Motors and have a share of the income of the Italian car industry. Chrysler took over such brands as Plymouth, which has gone down in history and no longer produces cars with such a logo, Jeep and Dodge, which have not gone the distance and are still in demand in the vastness of their country. Now Chrysler is actively cooperating with the German company Daimler.

Such mergers with the European and Japanese auto industries have given American car brandsthe opportunity to significantly expand the sales market and find their fans not only on their continent, but throughout the world. Although one of the negative influences can be noted the loss of the uniqueness of the American car and the acquisition of versatility by reducing the size and volume of the engine.

There is an opinion among those who practically do not follow the automotive segment that Americans prefer exclusively locally produced cars, supposedly all there are avid patriots. This is not so, Japanese and Korean brands are among the best-selling cars.

When choosing the best folk American cars, it was difficult to single out a specific model, or even a brand. In the US, there are a lot of companies involved in the production of cars. Moreover, they are sold not only in North America but also delivered to the countries of South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and even Africa.

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