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A dangerous meteorological situation has developed in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi

by: Paul Daly, WGN-TV Weather Team

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Tornado Watch/Warnings for Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama

Starting early Tuesday afternoon, three tornado watches were issued for parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, highlighting an “extremely hazardous situation,” and then updated with two additional tornado watches for parts of Mississippi and Alabama later in the evening — effectively after midnight in the extreme. eastern sections (see the outlined area on the map).
As of 8:30 PM CST, 15 tornadoes were reported, 13 of which were in Mississippi. There were many reports of downed trees and power lines, and significant damage appeared to occur in Bassfield and south of Bassfield in south-central Mississippi about halfway between Gulfport and Jackson, where a wedge-shaped tornado was seen. As of 8:30 p.m., there were 25 reports of large hail and 15 reports of wind damage in addition to 15 tornado sightings, for a total of 57 severe storm reports.

6pm CDT Tuesday

  • All the ingredients are in place for a supercell/tornado to develop
  • A strong southwesterly jet stream at 30,000 feet
  • 50 mph low jet (surface up to 5,000 ft) with convergent wind and subsequent updraft/updraft
  • A strong cold front is approaching from the west
  • Warm moist unstable air is carried north from the Gulf of Mexico
  • Dissipating air at the top – strengthening the air rising from below – contributes to the development of supercells


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