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A significant drop in temperature followed Tuesday’s mild, windy weather

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Gusty wind on Tuesday

With wind advisories in effect for parts of the Chicago area, gusty southerly winds gusted over 40 mph at several local airports,

A sharp drop in temperature

If Wednesday’s afternoon high of 28 degrees holds true, the temperature will drop 30 degrees from Tuesday afternoon’s official high of 58 degrees in Chicago. The maximum temperature drop will be 31 degrees at Palooka/Wheeling, Lansing, Midway and Gary airports, where Tuesday’s high was 59 degrees.

40 degree temperature change at 2,000 feet above the ground over Chicago from 6 PM Tuesday to 6 AM Wednesday

A 140 mph jet stream aloft and strong surface pressure gradient westerly winds will gust 30-40 mph Wednesday. The frontal boundary of arctic high pressure will settle in our area, and daytime temperatures will likely not rise above 20 degrees. The combination of high winds and cold temperatures should keep teenagers shivering well into the night.

A much cooler sample is recorded