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A pattern that maintains a flow of polar air that changes to a flow of mild Pacific air.

by: Paul Mertzlock, WGN-TV Weather Team

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The temperature will rebound after a prolonged cooling

Since Veteran’s Day, the Great Lakes and Midwest regions have been dominated by air originating from the Arctic. The lowest readings seen this fall were early Sunday morning, when temperatures dipped to around 10 degrees in many suburbs. The 13-degree temperature at Midway Airport broke the 58-year-old minimum temperature record for the location on Nov. 20.

The pattern that maintains our more or less continuous flow of polar air has broken down and is giving way to a flow of mild Pacific air. Temperatures, which soared above freezing on Sunday (November 20), will continue to rise, with temperatures in the 50s expected by midweek. The incoming air mass is also dry. Mostly sunny skies are expected until Wednesday. Low pressure is forecast to bring rain and snow, as well as colder temperatures on Thanksgiving night into Friday. Unlike our last bout with cold weather, this system will be very progressive, moving out of the area by Saturday and allowing for a quick return to above normal temperatures.


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