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Apple to Unveil New Passwords App during WWDC

Password managers offer a robust solution for enhancing online security, and there’s a growing trend among companies to integrate them into their software offerings. Even Apple has discreetly embedded free password management features within iOS, Mac, and Safari, albeit with some accessibility challenges. However, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the tech giant is poised to introduce its own Passwords app to directly compete with established players like LastPass or 1Password.

Dubbed simply as Passwords, Gurman’s undisclosed sources reveal that the app will debut alongside iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15. Leveraging the same iCloud Keychain technology underpinning Apple’s existing password management systems, Passwords aims to streamline accessibility by eliminating the need for users to navigate through intricate settings menus.

Similar to iCloud Keychain, Passwords will empower users to generate and securely store login credentials, facilitate password sharing, and manage passkeys alongside passwords. Additionally, the app will introduce organizational enhancements, allowing users to categorize passwords, such as grouping streaming service or social media logins together—a departure from iCloud Keychain’s alphabetical arrangement.

Expanding beyond passwords, Passwords will also support the management of two-factor verification codes, positioning itself as a viable alternative to authentication apps like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

While specific details about additional features, such as Proton Pass’ dark web protection, remain undisclosed, Passwords promises robust functionality, building upon iCloud Keychain’s capacity to store unlimited passwords.

In a surprising move, the app will extend its compatibility beyond Apple’s ecosystem to include the Vision Pro headset and, unexpectedly, Windows computers. This development may incentivize Microsoft to enhance its Credential Manager, the built-in password manager for Windows, which currently resides within system settings akin to iCloud Keychain.

Gurman anticipates that Apple will unveil the new Passwords app during its WWDC keynote on Monday, although the event’s primary focus is expected to revolve around artificial intelligence advancements.

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