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DuSable Lake Shore Drive Named One of the ‘Most Beautiful Streets in the World’

Architectural Digest has honored Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable Lake Shore Drive by naming it one of the most beautiful streets in the world. The prestigious publication ranked 71 notable streets globally, and this iconic Chicago roadway secured the No. 40 spot on the list.

The magazine’s description highlights the striking contrast of the towering skyline on one side and the expansive shore of Lake Michigan on the other, positioning DuSable Lake Shore Drive as an ideal route to experience the essence of The Windy City. It notes the strategic placement of landmarks such as Grant Park, Museum Campus, and Soldier Field along this scenic expressway. Additionally, the 18-mile Lakefront Trail runs parallel to the busy street, offering pedestrians a splendid way to explore Chicago on foot.

DuSable Lake Shore Drive was one of only 11 streets in the United States to make the list, outranking notable roadways in cities like New Orleans, Savannah, Los Angeles, Palm Beach, and Alexandria. This recognition places it in a league of streets celebrated for their unique beauty and cultural significance.

Formerly known simply as Lake Shore Drive, the roadway was renamed in 2021 to honor Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable, a key figure in Chicago’s history. DuSable, originally from Haiti, is recognized as Chicago’s first permanent non-indigenous settler. He established a successful trading post in the late 1700s, laying the groundwork for what would become one of America’s largest cities. His contributions to the early development of Chicago are significant, and the renaming of this major thoroughfare serves as a tribute to his lasting legacy. DuSable passed away in 1818, but his influence on the city’s history endures.

The recognition from Architectural Digest not only celebrates the aesthetic appeal of DuSable Lake Shore Drive but also underscores its historical and cultural importance. The scenic drive, with its combination of urban and natural beauty, provides residents and visitors alike with a distinctive and memorable experience of Chicago. The alignment of the drive with key landmarks and the adjacent Lakefront Trail enhances its accessibility and attractiveness, making it a beloved feature of the city’s landscape.

This accolade from a renowned publication like Architectural Digest helps to further elevate the profile of Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable Lake Shore Drive, drawing attention to its role in the daily life of Chicagoans and its status as a must-see for visitors. The drive’s inclusion on the list of the world’s most beautiful streets is a testament to its unique charm and the rich history it embodies.

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