5 young men became Eagle Scouts in Arlington Heights

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Illinois — Five young men from the 43rd Army Arlington Heights completed the ascent to become Eagle Scouts.

That’s less than 4% of Scouts in the United States.

“We have worked for this all our lives, so this is a very important day for us,” said Jacob Koklanis.

Jacob Bigelow said he was glad he could.

“My dad helped me a lot with the difficulties I faced,” he said.

Three graduates, two twin brothers and a cousin, carry the legacy with pride.

Their achievements were recognized on Saturday afternoon at the Eagle Court Honors Ceremony at St Peter’s Church.

They were surrounded by friends and family. The mayor of Arlington Heights also came and anchored them.

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“It’s a big deal because I’ve been to a few of them in the past and it’s really great to see myself here as I’ve seen a lot of people in the past,” Connor Neal said.

While in the Boy Scouts, they completed several projects in the community.

They say it made them more disciplined and broadened their skills from a young age.

As the newest Eagle Scouts, they stand tall and wear their uniforms with pride and strive to continue serving the community as lifelong members.

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