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AMD Responds to Gaming Performance Issues with Ryzen 7000 CPUs, Blaming Inconsistency on “New Technology”

AMD has published a statement about the performance characteristics of the new Ryzen 7000 processors. The company is aware of the insufficient performance of some games, such as Doom Eternal, GTA V, Metro Exodus and others. However, the company’s response to the public may be less than satisfactory for some users.

AMD’s official statement is below:

We’ve become aware of reports of unexpected performance deltas in certain games with AMD Ryzen desktop processors, as well as performance differences between Windows 11 and Windows 10 in some game titles. We are currently investigating, but based on testing to date, we have not seen any significant difference in game performance between OS versions in various work scenarios and game titles.

Many factors affect gaming performance, including game mechanics, CPU architecture, GPU selection, and memory selection. When new architectures hit the market, we often see performance anomalies that need to be addressed by the component vendor or game publisher. This is not a new phenomenon or a surprise.

As we have done since the introduction of Ryzen, when these performance anomalies are identified, we will use them to guide our partnerships with game developers and ecosystem hardware partners to implement optimizations that eliminate the variation.


With the above recommendation, AMD claims that it is not only Ryzen 7000 processor problem, but also the internal game engine for each game, the GPU and memory being used, which sounds like it’s a more general compatibility issue with the system and games in general.

This compatibility between engines and parts may explain the performance of AMD’s new series of processors. In games like those mentioned earlier in this article, most of the more significant gaps occurred in the smaller number of games tested. Since all the latest games have their internal game mechanics built into them, it would make sense that certain titles wouldn’t work as well with one system or component as with others. Another issue could be the operating system used, where games released before Windows 11 may run better on that OS than the new operating system.

Finally, as this new product enters the market, there will always be some major or minor inconsistencies. Bug fixes and further optimizations for more accurate performance may take time as the processor ages in the market.

News source: Tom’s equipment

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