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fpPS4 PlayStation 4 emulator can now run 25+ commercial games

Emulation, simply put, allows players to experience games on non-native hardware. For example, it can let you experience games that have never left certain regions (like Mother 3), or you can play particularly rare games without breaking the bank. PlayStation platforms can also be emulated. In this case, we will discuss the PlayStation 4 and its emulator fpPS4.

For Sony consoles, software like ePSXe and PCSX2 allow players to do these things. A PlayStation 3 emulation has also been around for a while, albeit a bit less stable than the previous two, and now it looks like PlayStation 4 emulation has become a reality. It’s much more limited in what it can do (for now).

Triple-A games like God of War 2018 will not be emulated anytime soon. There are currently 26 indie games and 12 homegrown games available for emulation. The developers of the app have a short video explaining which games can be played, which you can watch below.

PlayStation 4 emulation can be done via the downloadable fpPS4 app here. While the prospect is a very positive step forward for past-gen video game emulation, it seems like there will be a very long way to go before you can play games like Ghost of Tsushima on PC (ie behind a PC version that will just be announced sometime in the future).

Supported games: A Boy and His Blob, Thomas Was Alone, Spy Chameleon, Sky Force Anniversary, Shutshimi and others. The full compatibility list for fpPS4 links to various games without showing a status (because they either cannot run or the performance is not registered). Overall, the project looks like a big step forward; maybe in the future we’ll be able to emulate last gen AAA games through a PlayStation 4 emulator. But whenever that happens, we’ll let you know when it happens. fpPS4 is only available on PC.

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