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Sir Horace Uwe has $57,000 for film and TV charity named after him – Deadline

Sir Horace Owe, the pioneering director dubbed the Godfather of black British cinema, received $57,000 Charity in film and television grant named in his honor to help people from ethnic minorities navigate the industry.

The Sir Horace Ove Grant starts next month and will help in areas such as funding development courses, childcare, travel costs, equipment upgrades and membership or subscription to professional organisations. Applicants will be asked to submit an impact statement detailing how the grant will help them in their career, along with proof of eligibility and expenses

People from ethnic minorities can apply for grants of up to £500 ($577) from the fund, which was named after the man dubbed the Godfather of black British cinema, who directed the first black British film. Pressure in 1976 and led similar Away game and A hole in Babylon. Ove, who was born in Trinidad and Tobago, was knighted last year.

The move comes more than a year and a half after the charity pledged to ensure 30% of its grants go to people from ethnic minorities. Last year, she did not fulfill this task by 8%, so she replenished the fund.

“Breaking down barriers has always been at the heart of what Horace has done, teaching and opening doors, especially for black and ethnic communities and populations,” said Ove’s daughter, actor Indra Ove. “The Owe family is very proud that the black and global talent working behind the scenes today will receive support in his name so they can follow in his inspiring footsteps.”

The Film and Television Charity Alex Pumphrey added: “The Film and Television Charity aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the film, television and film industries, just as we aim to focus resources where they are most needed or where there is a bar.’ ery is the coolest. We hope that the new Sir Horace Ove Grant will be able to contribute to both of these goals, and we are very proud to be honoring such an important industry figure in this process.”


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